120L Pan Mortar Mixer, Forced-Action-Mixer, Forestwest BM679

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Introducing the Forestwest 120L Screed Mortar Mixer BM679, boasting an impressive 120L drum capacity and powered by a high-torque electric motor. Crafted with robust steel, this mixer has undergone extensive testing with local tradesmen and customers, ensuring its durability and reliability.

Ideal for blending materials like sand, cement, mortar, rubber, and concrete, the mixer features four strategically positioned mixing blades for thorough and efficient mixing with each load.

The protective hopper grate, equipped with a bag splitter, facilitates easy loading, while a safety automatic cut-off system activates when the hopper is open. For unloading flexibility, users can direct materials into a wheelbarrow or utilize the unloading platform for easy transfer into baskets.

Designed for user convenience, the mixer features two large wheels at the bottom for effortless transport and two small wheels on top, enabling single-handed loading onto a vehicle. Elevate your mixing tasks with the Forestwest 120L Screed Mortar Mixer BM679 — a durable and efficient solution for a variety of construction materials. Explore the versatility and reliability of this powerful mixer for your projects.

120L 1500W Mortar Mixer Features:

  • Features a high-torque powerful motor with 2HP (1,500W) for efficient performance.

  • Boasts a 120L drum capacity and approximately 80L mixing capacity, suitable for heavy-duty work.

  • Equipped with an automatic safety cut-off to ensure safe operation during force action mixing.

  • Utilizes four mixing blades to guarantee proper mixing of each load.

  • Quad wheels design enables a single worker to easily load and unload the mixer, enhancing efficiency.


    Model  FORESTWEST 120L Mortar Mixer BM679
    Drum Capacity 120L
    Output Power 2HP (1,500W), 110V, 13.6Amps 
    Drum Diameter 28-1/4"
    Drum Height    2-1/4"
    Drum Thickness  1/8"
    Recommended Gearbox Oil 10W-40
    Net Weight/ Gross Weight  265 lbs/ 300 lbs
    Packing Size  30" x 37" x 51"
    Warranty 1 Year

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