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With over two decades of industry expertise, Forestwest remains dedicated to enhancing our product offerings. Our latest innovation involves upgrading the 15-ton electric kinetic log splitter to an impressive 18-ton splitting capacity. The key enhancements include:

  1. Upgraded Electric Motor Output: Boosting the efficiency and power of the electric motor to optimize performance.

  2. Increased Flywheel Weight: Enhancing the log splitter's capability through a weight increase in the flywheels.

  3. Sturdier Stand with Larger Pneumatic Wheels: Improving stability and mobility with a robust stand featuring larger pneumatic wheels.

  4. Reinforced Front Log Catching Trays: Strengthening the design of front log catching trays for enhanced durability.

Presenting the Forestwest 18-Ton Kinetic Log Splitter, our most advanced and sought-after model to date. This cutting-edge log splitter operates at an astonishing 2-3 seconds per split cycle, significantly faster than traditional hydraulic alternatives. Notably, its maintenance requirements are minimal, necessitating only regular cleaning and lubrication.

Powered by a potent 2.0HP (1500W) electric motor, this log splitter delivers an impressive 18 tons of splitting force. With its ergonomic design and elevated stand, the machine eliminates the need for bending during operation, while the front tray efficiently collects split pieces for the next round.

Ideal for domestic use, the Forestwest 18-Ton Kinetic Log Splitter embodies efficiency, power, and durability, setting a new standard in log splitting technology. Upgrade your wood-splitting experience with this advanced model, crafted to make your tasks faster, smoother, and hassle-free.

18ton electric kinetic log splitter Features:

  • Boasting an impressive 18-ton splitting force, this kinetic log splitter is powered by a robust 2.0HP (1500W) electric motor.

  • Experience swift log splitting with an average cycle time of 2s to 3s, characteristic of kinetic log splitters.

  • Featuring a sturdy table, this splitter effortlessly handles firewood up to 16” long, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

  • Designed with a high stand to eliminate bending during operation, and large wheels for easy mobility, ensuring user-friendly functionality.

  • Ideal for residential or small rural areas, this log splitter offers a faster alternative to hydraulic models, addressing the frustration of slow motion. Upgrade to efficient log splitting with our kinetic log splitter.


Model FORESTWEST 18ton Log Splitter BM11097
Motor 2.0HP (1500W), 110V, 13.6Amps
Work Force 18Ton
Max Log Length 16"
Max Log Diameter  16"
Net Weight/ Gross Weight  246 lbs/ 277 lbs
Packing Size 54" x 15" x 25"

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Leon R.
United States United States

Why didn't I know?

I've been using a 13 ton hydraulic splitter for 12 yrs. now. It was a dual action splitter which means the wedge is double sided and it splits in both directions. But like most hydraulic splitters the wedge move very slowly. 10 sec. from one end to the other and 10 sec. back. Two weeks ago the wedge broke out of the steel beam rendering the splitter useless so I went to searching for a replacement. Have used this new one from Forestwest for just two days now and have split as much firewood in fully half the time as I could have done with the hydraulic. So my question for myself is why didn't I know about these kinetic splitters a long time ago. This thing is the cat's meow when it comes to splitting a lot of firewood in a short amount of time. Sometimes you have to hit a stubborn piece of wood a couple of times or turn it around end for end to get it to split but that's not very often. Had to do the same thing with the hydraulic one too. Thank you Forestwest for making this machine and the fast and free shipping. For me it's a win win.

George H.
United States United States

Time saver

Great machine. Nice delivery time. Does yeomans work. I neglected to notice prior to ordering that I could not run it with a generator so I have to cut my logs into rounds and bring them to my barn for splitting and then redeploy around my 14 acres as inventory for my customers. Fortunately my logging road covers the land in a circular fashion so I can recover the cut rounds to bring to my barn with my pickup truck. Also the handle on the front leg is not very suitable to moving it around or running it up ramps into my pickup truck to bring to my sons property but I fashioned dirt bike handles to the front leg so it now handles similar to a wheel barrow and moves much easier and with much better control. Neither reason would prevent me from recommending this splitter but the handle bars and the ability to run it on a generator would make it 6 stars.

Gary E.
United States United States

Great Product

Packaging was great. Using the product was better. After reading some reviews about no instructions for assembly I was a little concerned- don’t be. The key is the nuts and bolts are shipped in place so it is incredibly intuitive. I liked it better than instructions! In my situation an electric splitter was a must due to noise. This made me concerned about power as well as cycle time. When I learned about the kinetic option at 15 ton I decided to give it a try. So far extremely pleased. It was 30% cheaper than a similar powered hydraulic and uses a lot fewer amps- so no worries about having a big enough breaker to run off. Cycle time is crazy fast. I went through a pile of wood in a third of the time it would have taken a conventional hydraulic splitter. A few times I had to back up and hit it again. This takes a little more finess than a hydraulic in that the return is a spring and not powered. However, if you split enough wood you learn quick how to avoid these problems-how to load your logs- and it just is not an issue. Certainly a small price to pay for the faster cycle! The Quality department could make some adjustments. I had read about a few problems in the reviews (bolts wrong size etc.) that people overcame. In my case the pre-cut knotches on the drop down shelf were not accurate and the shelf would not fall in place. A few minutes with a grinding wheel and I was good to go. Very happy with the unit and hoping the durability is as good as the design!

Todd H.
United States United States

It’s tough and fast

The splitter was just as tough and fast as I hoped it would be. Started right off, splitting some dry rather large elm logs, and I wasn’t disappointed. It took a couple of impacts from the splitter, but the Elm split, and that’s not some thing I could’ve done on my own. The assembly instructions are pretty vague, but it isn’t very complicated to put it together. I’m really glad I bought this thing.

Theodore L.
Canada Canada

Forrestwest 15T kinetic log splitter

Overall very happy with this little machine, its quiet & very efficient for splitting my logs I've put roughly 2T of wood through it & it ran flawless, highly recommend this product for suburban use, wish I bought one sooner definitely beats swinging an axe

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